Key milestones

2011 – foundation of the company, modernization of the first boiler station;

2013 – start of production of the new generation of solid fuel boilers “CET”;

2014 – cultivation of the first hectares of energy willow for planting and further processing into biofuel;

2015 – signing of the license agreement on cooperation with the company KARA Energy Systems, start of the joint production project of biomass recycling equipment in accordance with Dutch technologies;

2015 – the technology of recycling of sludge, biomass wastes and other raw materials into syngas with the subsequent electricity production was tested;

2016 – acquisition of Zaplaza sugar plant and start of the construction project of the modern inclusive production complex (production of the second-generation bioethanol and electricity from renewable sources);

2017 the market leader of heat energy production from biofuel, 110 boiler plants with the total capacity of 158 MW in 14 regions of Ukraine.