Heat production

The Group of Companies Ukrteplo – the largest heat producer from biofuel in the country. In 2011 we started from a boiler. In 2017 the company has more than 110 boiler plants with the total capacity of 158 MW. 

We produce heat and hot water for hospitals, military units, schools, kindergartens, multi-apartment houses and other important buildings.

The total square – over 1,3 million square meters of heated areas.

Advantages of heat production from renewable sources:

  • Ukrainian raw material (biomass) which, until recently, was left in fields and forests, dumped;
  • new jobs in biofuel production, logistics, biofuel incineration at boiler plants;
  • payment of taxes to local and state budgets;
  • cost saving – the heat produced from biomass is 10-20 per cent cheaper than the heat produced from gas;
  • strengthening the country’s energy independence by reducing gas imports.

Rates of production:

  • the heating season of 2015-2016 – 120 thousand Gcal of heat;
  • the heating season of 2016-2017 – 130 thousand Gcal of heat.

Key indicators and the map of facilities: