Industrial and domestic solid fuel boilers

The Group of Companies Ukrteplo has its own plant for production of industrial and domestic solid fuel boilers “CET” and “GreenBurner”.

Our boilers are easy to operate and safe to use, since they are equipped with the modern European automatic equipment. Boiler steel up to 5 mm. thick is used for their production. The warranty – 2 years and operational lifetime – at least 15 years.

Advantages of boilers CET and GreenBurner”:  

  • high efficiency up to 89-92 per cent;
  • the possibility of using different fuels – pellets, briquettes, wood, coal;
  • high-quality materials and supplies;
  • easy to maintain and clean;
  • competitive price.

You can find more information and order products on the website.

Partnership with KARA Energy Systems (the Netherlands)  – joint production of boilers Heateco Powered by KARA

In 2015 the Group of Companies Ukrteplo signed a cooperation agreement with KARA Energy Systems and started the project of production of Ukrainian boilers in accordance with the best practices of biomass incineration.

KARA Energy Systems – one of the world leaders in production of equipment for biomass incineration, its advantages are the following:

  • the company was founded in 1910 and has more than 100-year success history;
  • 25-year warranty;
  • full process automation;
  • technologies of KARA  Energy  Systems operate successfully in 78 countries of the world;
  • specializes in incineration of any kind of biomass, including high-humidity straw.

Technologies of KARA Energy Systems mean:

  • incineration of any kind of biomass with the level of humidity up to 58 per cent;
  • high efficiency – 85-89 percent efficiency;
  • wide range of machine capacity – from 25 kW to 15 MW;
  • heat and electricity production from available fuel;
  • turnkey solution – from fuel storage to fuel transportation and degassing.

Main products:

  • hot water boilers;
  • boilers for superheated water production;
  • steam boilers;
  • thermal oil boilers.