The Group of Companies UKRTEPLO Launched the Second Line of the Biogas Power Plant in Mariupol

The total installed capacity of the two lines is 2 MW. The Group of Companies UKRTEPLO has invested about 2.5 million euros in the construction of the facility at the municipal solid waste landfill on the left bank of the city.

It should be recalled that the biogas power plant in Mariupol kicked off at the beginning of 2020.

In less than a year of operation in 2020, the biogas power plant generated 2.2 million kWh of electricity and transferred over 650 thousand hryvnias to the city under the partnership agreement, not including around 100 thousand hryvnias of other taxes and fees.

“The early performance of the biogas power plant in Mariupol illustrates how to develop Ukrainian cities situated in the eastern part of the country. Due to the close cooperation of the local authorities with my business as a private investor, the city acquired additional workplaces, budget revenues. Moreover, it significantly reduced environmental risks, because a probability of fires at the landfill and penetration of toxic substances into the air and soil dropped,” mentioned the founder of the Group of Companies UKRTEPLO Ivan Nadein while expressing his gratitude to Mariupol for creating favorable conditions for investing in the city’s infrastructure.

It should be noted that the Group of Companies UKRTEPLO and Mariupol City Council have signed a long-term partnership agreement valid until 2035, under which the local budget of Mariupol is entitled to receive regular payments from the enterprise.

After the launch of the second line, the total capacity of the biogas power plant has doubled, which would increase electricity production and contributions to local and state budgets.

The Bioenergy Association of Ukraine states that as of the end of 2019 the entire territory of Europe was flooded with 18 943 biogas power plants. Despite the widespread application of biogas power plants in the EU, their construction in Ukraine is less popular.

According to the results of 2020, the total installed capacity of biogas power plants in Ukraine amounted to 103 MW or only 1 per cent of the capacity of all renewable energy facilities.

“Ukraine is in the top 10 countries in the world ranked by waste per capita. Europeans went through this stage long ago and learned to generate electricity from household waste. Aren’t we as good as them? We can build at least one or two biogas power plants in large cities; we can use the case of Mariupol and scale it in other regions”, Ivan Nadein summed up.

It should be recalled that UKRTEPLO has been working in renewable energy since 2011. During this period, the company has successfully implemented over 1 000 projects in 14 regions of Ukraine. Priority areas of activities of UKRTEPLO: heat production from biomass; electricity production from renewable sources (biogas, the sun, hydro); energy plant cultivation.